Frequently Asked Question’s


We are Online K-Food ordering company, make our customers to order food easier, convenient, cheaper and special reward benefits.

From your computer, laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc, any devise with internet can be open, Type

Create your log-in Id and Password in order to save your time and receive benefits.

Search your zip code or full address to find the nearest restaurant.

Click your favorite restaurant and menus.

Click 'Order Now" button to confirm information.

Fill out the Payment information and Click.

Customers who are registered and created Id/password will only be able to receive the rewards.  you will still receive the rewards. And all rewards will be given based on your subtotal order amount. Sign-in before placing the order.

Yes! We are now receiving an order for 'cash settlement'. You can get food and pay after delivery.

If any errors or mistakes on your order from restaurant's end and if that restaurant admit and accept your refund request, a refund will process immediately. Complains and unreasonable reason to request any refund, decisions will be giving upon restaurants approval. Please see our terms & condition page for details. currently operates its own delivery service for customers only. K-town delivery is available in all registered restaurants. Refer to (Restaurant Page) to find out.  1. Faster delivery to doors 2. A positive and friendly attitude toward all customers 3. No complaints or complaints to the driver  * Refer to the terms and conditions of use for more information on K-Town delivery.