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Our goal is to deliver the best food in the K-town area to your doorstep. Eatsktown began in the heart of Los Angeles, where we believe it is home to a variety of dishes. There was so much to eat in Los Angeles that we wanted to help people find great food by bringing it to the surface.

Eatsktown's K-Food food is ranked according to the table. This vote was made by local people like you and me. So you can show good food. The food at the restaurant consists of various kinds of K-Food, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, K-BBQ, Seolleongtang, chicken and so on. We believe these categories reflect what people really want to eat.

Knowing what's the best food in your area is just the first part of the story. We believe that the best food should be accessible to the public. Conveniently at your home or office, you can easily and quickly order the most delicious food of your choice. With the help of our staff all over Los Angeles, your cooking is delivered quickly to your place. Our drivers use cool boxes to make fresh and delicious food.

We hope you will join our Eatsktown community and contribute to our mission of finding the best food in your region. Happy vote!

Our mission is to deliver quality food that the public considers the fastest and most efficient.

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  • Text us:(213) 380-8282
  • AddressLos Angeles , Orange County Koreatown

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